05:16 GMT +328 September 2016
Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greet one another as they take the stage for their first debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, U.S. September 26, 2016.

'On Fire': Either Trump or Clinton in White House Would Lead to Global Conflict

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The highly-anticipated debate began with a discussion of the American economy -- a topic that didn’t help either candidate.

"Donald Trump is going to favor more of a pro-business approach; we see that doesn’t work," Bob Schlehuber, producer of Radio Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary, told Loud & Clear’s Brian Becker. "We need to redistribute money to people that are living paycheck to paycheck and they’ll instantly spend it. That’s not going to work with businesses."

"On the other end, you have corrupt governments," he added. "It shows the government is also laggard and ineffective in being able to manage these infrastructure projects. So I think we’re left with two options in Trump and Clinton, one in the business route, one in the government route, neither one of them works."

The debate eventually shifted to foreign policy, however, and highlighted the bizarre role that the "Russian boogeyman" has played in this election.

"When she mentioned Russia last night it was the most outrageous Russia bashing, but it’s the keystone of her foreign policy," said Gloria La Riva, presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation. "She is the ideologue for more aggression against Russia. It’s quite dangerous."

Still, any notion that Trump is an antiwar candidate is also flawed.

"We don’t have anything really policy-wise from Donald Trump to stand on to back up this supposition that he is somehow antiwar, less hawkish," Anoa Changa, host of the talk show The Way with Anoa Changa, said, pointing out Trump’s stated support for the Israeli government.

"It is a misnomer. It’s very easy for him to paint himself as if he’s somehow less pro-war…it’s very easy for him to do that because he doesn’t have an actual voting record to hold him to like Secretary Clinton and President Obama and Bernie Sanders and other actual politicians in office."

As Schlehuber pointed out, hawkishness from both candidates is to be expected.

"I don’t think the US government and anybody that runs for higher office knows anything but war," he said, pointing out that Washington had a number of opportunities to prevent the Syrian civil war from erupting, but chose to ignore the warnings.

"Here we are, some five years later, the whole thing’s on fire, we have no idea how to go in and resolve it whatsoever. We have preventable situations both domestically in our US cities as well as abroad that can be prevented before these things spark and catch fire," he said.

"Once they’re on fire, we’ve shown complete ineffectiveness through our military and our police to resolve and de-escalate. Once the escalation starts, all we do is escalate, escalate, escalate, and that’s what you’ll get from a Trump or a Clinton presidency."

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  • revsuzanne
    Interviewing another liberal twit. Donald Trump is PRO-trade and PRO-negotiation... Hillary is PRO-WAR... period. Hillary has a long, well established history of monetizing any position of power... from her previous occupancy of the White House, the Senate and of course the State Department... she's for sale... pay-for-play. She had Bill Clinton giving speeches in return for large bribes in return for getting some face time with HIllary. $800,000 bought a Russian firm the ability to purchase 20% of American uranium mines... which qualifies as TREASON.
  • tonyw247
    there is not really a global conflict ..there is an american conflict ....it just happens to be everywhere there are significant resources or the peoples will not toe the american line
  • elsa.zardini
    Well, of course not. Mr. Trump doesn't want any war. Come on.
  • michael
    america as a country (not the people within it) probably needs further wars or a major war to survive as a nation.
  • jas
    Yeah, right. *sarcasm* There's nobody in this world with the potential for more pathological violence than Hillary Clinton. Even her own staff are terrified of her temper.

    Hillary Clinton’s strengths and anger in White House revealed
  • jas
    Clinton looks like her face will break when she tries to force pleasant expressions and not her usual sneers.
  • Danzig
    Clinton gave robotic answers last night. She has 30 years of disastrous policies that don't work. Her democratic policies have failed the black communities across America for decades. She is a war monger and has a massive heart on for Russia. Every problem that occurs internationally is Russia's fault. This is what she is about. Far from telling the truth.
  • peaceactivist2
    Would take anything but her. She would be too proud, show off to Mer clinton by sending black & brown kuds to war, and ....!
  • jas
    That pic tells the story. Trump is an extrovert. He loves the action and is good at it. Clinton is all tense and fake and most likely on some type of anti-anxiety drug. She would call it "decision fatigue", lol.
  • choticastile
    The woman in the main picture does not look like Hillary Clinton. Face looks puffy, something not right...
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